16 Jun

How To Choose The Right Stools For Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the liveliest places in the house and having comfortable seating arrangement there is crucial. But before deciding on a particular model, consider your culinary ambitions, how much time you and your family/friends spend there, as well as your lifestyle. Obviously, the stools for a family of 5 will be quite different from the stools for a New York bachelor living off the Wall Street.

Height and Size

This will be determined by the height of your table, counter or bar. For space optimization, you want to be able to store your stool and whatever small object on it under the table or counter. Comfortable distance between your legs when seated and the top of the table should be more than 25 sm.

The width of the stool will depend on how much space you have near the counter or bar, but don’t forget to allow 10-12 centimetres between the stools. At the same time your elbows must comfortably rest on the counter, otherwise it will be difficult to eat there. Also, keep in mind that every stool has a maximum weight they are made to endure, which should be documented in the certificate.

If your kitchenette is pretty tiny, consider buying folding chairs for your occasional guests in addition to one-two regular stools.


In the everyday life stools turn out to be much more used than the chairs around the dining table due to the fast pace of our daily routines. That’s why they have to be durable and incredibly comfortable.

Sit on the stool for at least 10-15 minutes at the store. Only then you will understand if the size and model fits your body shape. Also consider the stability of the stool, even if you don’t have children in the house – occasional balance loss or sleepiness happens to all of us.

Don’t forget to put some padding on the feet of the stool – this will keep your floors from getting scratched and will eliminate the noises of the stool being moved around.

Experience says that the most comfortable options for seating are carved stools or covered with a soft top, even if soft materials, be it leather or fabric, will require additional care. Back support is very ergonomic, but consider increasing the distance between the stools in this case or go for a model that spins – it will make it easier for you to get in and out of the chair.

If you have children, some of the models have both high and low feet support. Having a back support is a must in this case.

Make sure you do your research online or go into the store and test the stool before you make your purchase. Best Stools is a good online resource on reviews for various different types of stools like lucite bar stools found here: http://www.beststools.com/reviews/best-lucite-bar-stools-2016/


The tricky thing about kitchen stool is the unbelievable variety they come in. So first define the style of your kitchen and only then shop for stools.

The material (wood, plastic or metal) should match your kitchen design. Plastic stools are incredible when it comes to shapes and colours, but they loose their properties over time and tend to get scratched pretty easily. Metal stools require soft padding on top of them – otherwise it might be cold to sit. Such stools are also heavier than their wooden and plastic colleagues, but tend to be more durable.

Stools are a great way to highlight your kitchen island top, for example. For this reason choose a simple model in a tone that matches the surface.  However, if your kitchen design is pretty simple itself, make your stools the star choosing bright colours and unusual shapes.

Trendy designer stools look stylish, but will most likely go out of fashion in a year or two. However, this is not necessary a bad thing: if you can afford to change them every so often, stools are the best and one of the cheapest ways to refresh the look of your entire kitchen.

10 Jun

Using Genuine Wool and Cowhide For Your Home Furnishings

Living and working on a sheep farm makes you very familiar and comfortable with wool as a natural product. Most people immediately think of wool used in clothing, jerseys, jackets, warm socks and the like. I am thinking more along the lines of using wool for home furnishings!

There are obviously many types of fabrics that can be used, ranging from man made materials like plastics to genuine leather and even more exotic concepts such as woven cane, velvets and beautiful eastern silks.


Take a look at this velvet covered chair.

And this crazy purple faux leather couch.


We even came across genuine cowskin ottoman benches from cowhideottoman.org that were covered in real cowhide that you could buy today. I’ve used this type of style in the past and it works wonders for your living area. The cowhide creates a special rustic feeling and the ottoman helps replace the coffee table that I have come to dislike. If ottomans aren’t your thing but still love the cowhide idea you can also integrate chairs and stools to your home.

But, as we said, wool is close to our hearts and has many qualities that makes it perfect for home furnishings, setting it apart from the other alternatives.

Wool is totally sustainable, it just keeps on growing!

Wool fibres have a memory and are able to return to their original shape even after being stretched. This keeps woollen coverings from wrinkling or crushing and will always maintain the same look year after year.

Wool is totally biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly product that will never clutter up the environment. It is also recyclable and reusable, adding to the feel-good ambiance.

Because wool grows naturally, it requires far less energy to produce at a lesser cost and with less impact on the environment.

The natural anti-static properties repel lint, dirt and dust. It stays cleaner for longer and the construction of the fabric, with overlapping scales, ensures that the dirt remains on top where it can be easily removed.

The durability of wool ensures that your coverings will last for a long time and hold up to extreme use. That is why wool often comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Wool is fire resistant and fabrics made from wool do not require chemical treatments to meet safety regulations. It is slow to burn and does not melt, making it a totally safe choice.

Woollen fabrics have the amazing feature of being warm and cosy in winter and feeling cool in summer.

Natural wool resists mildew and mould because of the way it repels moisture. Mildews and mould thrive in damp wet conditions and wool does not retain moisture. Your coverings and furnishings will never get mouldy even in parts of the world where damp weather conditions prevail.

Wool can be dyed into hundreds of different colours and it retains the dye, never fading, even after years of washing.

So there are many reasons to consider wool for your home furnishings!

It can be used for upholstery of chairs and couches. It makes fabulous curtaining and great, durable soft carpets. Duvet covers made from wool are guaranteed to keep you snug and warm in winter. Woollen throws can be used to spice up a room by adding splashes of colour. Woollen table cloth or table mats make a refreshing change from plastic.

Get creative with wool when you consider your home furnishings!